Paver Sealing

Jt’s Pressure Washing offers the best paver sealing and paver clearing in the Tampa bay area. Homes in Tampa and Wesley Chapel are now benefiting from the beauty and protection that comes with having sealed pavers on their patios and lanais. Sealing your pavers will restore old pavers to their former glory and keep new paver installs looking new for longer.

Sealing your Pavers doesn’t only enhance the color and boldness and make them look clean, shiny and water repellant but it also helps Resist Florida’s harsh UV and weather conditions.  It also helps control weed growth along with cracks, Sealing also stabilizes the joints too. It can even help prevent further stains with its liquid repelling properties!

Our process works for pavers, natural stone, Stamped concrete and even some tile.  Trust The pros at Jt’s Pressure washing who know how to wash in the right way to prevent damage from inexperienced pressure washing

The Benefits of Paver Sealing

  • Lock in the sand to keep your pavers from moving and sand from getting into your pool area or home.
  • Paver sealing will restore old faded pavers into more vibrant colors.
  • Paver sealing will help prevent pavers from falling out and sand from coming loose.
  • Paver sealing will keep new pavers loking new and shiny for years to come
  • Paver sealing will help prevent hard to remove stains from things like oil and food and pets
  • Paver sealing will help prevent slippery mold growth.

Protect your Pavers today by calling the pros at Jt’s Pressure Washing to Seal them the right way! We use the best Sealers on the market custom to your Pavers, Contact us to learn more!